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This site is in a constant state of change. As new service manuals are discovered, they will be added here. If you have any service manuals for laptops not listed here, and wish to have them listed, please contact me using the Feedback and Query form with the details and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

NEWSFLASH!: Toshiba have recently changed the structure of the site that hosted all the service manuals. As a result, every external link from this site is now invalid, and no service manuals are available. I have contacted Toshiba in order to try and gain permission to host the manuals myself, but seem to have been ignored. I will keep everyone updated, so please check back here regularly. Also please feel free to post on the forum. I can still use my working knowledge to help with some laptop problems.

A forum is now running for people to discuss, post, and request service manuals. Head over to The LaptopServiceManuals Forum (Now Back Online!)

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To service your laptop, you will need some basic equipment. You will need Screwdrivers and Pliers. In addition, if you intend to clean out dust from inside your laptop, use Dust Remover(s) and Compressed Air In-A-Can. This is a must for any laptop suffering from overheating due to a dust filled heatsink!

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Other links to service manuals for newer models are available on request. Just drop me an email with the model number (such as PSA10A-012NXP for one of the various versions of a Satellite A10) and I will see what I can find!

Unfortunately, the disassembly diagrams for a variety of models of laptops have now become unavailable. If anyone has copies of the following disassembly diagrams, please let me know using the feedback form. Please note that for legal reasons I am unable to host or provide copies of these files myself.
(Toshiba Tecra S1) - PT831L-009FN PT831L-102SY PT831L-11Q4L
(Toshiba Tecra M1) - PT930L-0002E PT930L-0062E PT930L-03NE4 PT930L-03YCW
(Toshiba TE2000) - PT200L-00KRV PT200L-018ED
(Toshiba TE2100) - PT210L-002DV PT210L-002FR PT210L-002G3 PT210L-082NT PT210L-029UL

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These repair manuals are intended for an audience with a reasonable grasp of computers and how to repair them at a hardware level. If you have never repaired a laptop before, it is a good idea to learn how to pull one apart by getting a broken or obsolete machine before you try to operate on a critical one.

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